Our Story

All Alaska Pediatric Partnership (A2P2) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 by a group of pediatricians and hospitals to support statewide collaborations and close the gaps in pediatric care for Alaska’s children.

Since then, A2P2 has expanded its scope, network, and reach and has become a key leader in advancing the goal of healthy and thriving children and families throughout Alaska. The connections, relationships, and collaborations we create and maintain support increased coordination, access, improvements, and equity to the systems of health and related services for Alaska’s children and their families.

  • We spearhead innovative initiatives and solutions to the health and wellness-related needs of children and their families by linking and collaborating with public and private agencies and programs.
  • We provide continuing education and training opportunities for pediatric medical providers, including an annual Pediatric Symposium.
  • We provide direct support to families, caregivers, and providers with free referral navigation, screening, and linkage to services through our program Help Me Grow Alaska.
  • We actively participate in an advisory role on numerous state agency committees and leadership teams.
  • We focus on elevating the strengths and opportunities that exist in our state and on highlighting inefficiencies that increase fragmentation and further us from achieving a sustainable and equitable system of care for all Alaskans.