Developmental Screening Resources for Providers

Help Me Grow Alaska is committed to the goal of universal standardized developmental screening for all of Alaska’s kids.

Developmental screening is a standardized set of questions about different aspects of a child’s abilities including language, movement, thinking, behavior and emotions. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends every child be screened at 9, 18 and 24-30 months or whenever a caregiver has a concern. Going through the process of a developmental screen can be both fun and educational. Many tools use activities children already engage in or view as games to assess milestones. When done with a caregiver, it can give ideas for new activities to try with your child as well as help you to understand the types of skills your child may be developing at each new stage.

It is important to ensure every child receives screening both so caregivers can help encourage health development, and also to find potential areas to monitor or of concern early. Many potential delays, if caught early, can be supported with early intervention which will significantly impact the chances of success in school and life.

Some medical and child care providers offer screening on a regular basis as a part of well child checks or through their programmatic curriculum. If your child has not been screened, you can access screening for free through Help Me Grow Alaska.

There are many validated tools for developmental screening. Help Me Grow Alaska uses the Ages and Stages Questionnaire version 3 both on paper and online.

Click here to access the Help Me Grow Alaska training on “Developmental Screening: A Tool for Family Engagement and Tracking Healthy Growth” Training 

Ages & Stages Questionnaire

Together we can improve child outcomes!

The Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) provides developmental and social-emotional screening for children between birth and age 6. The ASQ serves as a method for professionals to evaluate a child’s progress, assist parents in recognizing and celebrating their child’s achievements, provide guidance on what developmental milestones to anticipate, and assess whether further actions or interventions are necessary. Additionally, it plays an important role as the initial measure in identifying potential delays or disorders in the crucial early years before a child embarks on their formal education journey.

There are two questionnaires offered: ASQ®:SE-2 and the ASQ®-3. ASQ®:SE-2 focuses on social-emotional development in children. ASQ®-3 assesses developmental progress in young children.

ASQ Breakdown

The Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) is a highly valid and reliable developmental screener. Our Help Me Grow Alaska team is ready to assist families directly and provide training to providers so they can administer the ASQ in their practice/daily work.

This parent friendly screening addresses 5 skill areas:

  • Communication
  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Problem Solving
  • Personal-social

Access to both to online screening and paper copies are available.

The ASQ Online option offers:

  • Convenient online questionnaire completion for parents
  • Accurate, automated scoring
  • Efficient individualized child and overall program reports
  • Easy data management
  • Better communication with parents through email for sending questionnaires, reminders, activities, and customizable letters

To get more information or to be mailed a paper copy of the ASQ contact one of our family support specialists. If you are interested in requesting a training more specific to the ASQ, complete a request for training.

How Help Me Grow Alaska supports families

A Family Support Specialist from Help Me Grow Alaska is available to guide families through the completion of both questionnaires. After they questionnaires are finished, the Family Support Specialist will personally review the child’s results and reach out directly to discuss them. Upon request, a Help Me Grow Alaska Family Support Specialist will send the completed questionnaires to the child’s primary care providers via fax.

The Family Support Specialist will provide families with personalized activities designed to address any developmental delays and promote the child’s overall health development. If a family choose so, a Family Support Specialist will follow up with the family to assess if further assistance or support is needed. This may involve helping find specialized therapies or services for the child. Help Me Grow Alaska will also send a reminder when it is time to complete the next age interval screening.

Your next step…

Looking for more resources on developmental screening?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has information about developmental monitoring, screening and evaluation as well as many tools to support parents in doing developmental monitoring at home.

Alaskan Developmental Screening Report

Help Me Grow Alaska commissioned a report to research and analyze options for statewide data and reporting needs specific to developmental screenings. The project also included an assessment of the current systems of data sharing, examining and assessing existing limitations to this system, and recommendations for restructuring the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) online system. Download and read the full HMG-AK Development Screening In Alaska Report.