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Welcome to Help Me Grow Alaska. We are an agency dedicated to promoting healthy child development statewide by providing support and information to individuals and organizations who care for and about children and young adults. Whether you are a parent, provider, teacher, or other caregiver with questions or concerns about a child in your life, we are here to help you.

Our website and our call center offer resources and support for all of Alaska’s children and their families. Our call center is staffed with Family Support Specialists, individuals with experience in, and an understanding of, child development, social services, and resources available in Alaska and beyond. They are available to listen to your concerns, help you organize a path forward, and get you connected to the most available and appropriate service in your area of Alaska.

For families with younger children, you may have questions about how your child is developing or expressing behaviors. Therefore, we offer easy access to developmental screenings and follow up support through our Family Support Specialists.

Our services are available to all families in Alaska, at no cost and regardless of insurance coverage or type. You may access our services with or without an understood issue or diagnosis and if your child is in an existing program or not yet connected to services. Our services are geared towards families prenatally to children age 26, and interpretation services are available.

Affiliate Relations

Help Me Grow

We are an affiliate of the Help Me Grow National Center, and in 2021 we achieved full fidelity to the national model. Our relationship with Help Me Grow National gives us proven tools for identifying children at risk for developmental or behavioral concerns and connecting them with the right resources at the right time. As a program of the All Alaska Pediatric Partnership, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by Alaska’s children and their families, and we know which in-State resources will help them not only grow but thrive and reach their full potential.

All Alaska Pediatric Partnership

A2P2 was established with the belief that the path to lasting, positive impact is achieved by collaborative efforts, driven by innovation, science-based best practices and data, and fueled by diverse and inclusive relationships as well as passion, commitment, and willingness to take the “long route” leading up to systems change and ultimately to health equity for all Alaskans.

In order for us to best meet your needs, please tell us, what is your role in the child’s life?

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