Community Engagement

Partnership Meetings

A2P2 Partnership Meetings are hosted monthly between September and May in various regions across the state, linking the medical community with the agencies and organizations providing services and support for children and youth. A2P2 Partnership Meetings are a platform for exchanging information, networking, and opportunities for collaboration within and between communities. A2P2 Partnership Meetings are also shared live through a virtual platform to accommodate statewide participation.


Assets, data, reports, and more! The All Alaskan Pediatric Partnership has compiled a collection of data driven and evidence based resources for your use.

We believe that raising healthy, well-educated children is every community’s primary responsibility. It takes all of us working together to help communities fulfill this promise.

Systems Transformation

A2P2 transforms systems of care and increases equitable access to health care and related services to ensure all Alaska’s children reach their full potential.

Alaska Early Childhood Network-ECN

Help make a difference, be involved!

The ECN is a peer-to-peer network focused on collaborating on topics to elevate early childhood in communities across Alaska.