Where is Bear?

A Terrific Tale for 2-Year Olds.

Meet Fox, Bear, and their friends, Chickadee, River Otter, Ermine, and Vole!

In this terrifically unique and interactive tale, your 2-year-old child will help Fox find Bear. Each step in your child’s quest to find Bear highlights important milestones in your child’s growth and development. Look for the pawprint on each page for these Milestone Moments.

Be sure to review the milestone checklist and helpful parenting tips at the end of the book to learn more about your child’s development.

CDC Amazing Book Videos

Using the CDC Adapted Children’s books, Help Me Grow Alaska is excited to provide three enjoyable videos for use by families and providers to demonstrate the practice of reading to your child as a way to celebrate developmental milestones.

Each short video features an Alaskan family using one of the adapted CDC books to read to their child in their own home and begins and ends with a narrative from Dr. Randall Zernzach, a Developmental Pediatrician at Alaska Native Medical Center who specializes in child development. In these videos, parents and caregivers are encouraged by Dr. Zernzach to enjoy this time with their child, noticing and attending to their child’s behaviors, needs, and questions as a way to stimulate their development. His expertise and reassuring manner to the reader to follow their instincts and to do what comes naturally is a welcome gift to all who view and use these videos!

Many thanks to Dr. Zernzach, our Alaskan families, and C&L Creative for the creation of these videos. We encourage you to use them in your practice and share them with your families. The videos have been uploaded to Youtube and are publicly accessible.

The adapted CDC books are available, free of charge, to organizations serving children from birth through age four. All books are required to be provided to families free of charge, and any organization receiving the books is prohibited from reselling or charging families.